Omni Admissions helps Italian students aiming for an international university experience anywhere in the world. We can guide students starting in their early high school years. The consultancy is based on in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the students’ culture and the culture they are approaching. This is a key factor for the success of their applications, from building their personal profile to finding the university that is the best fit for them. The when and how of the collaboration vary from student to student according to the choice of location and academic journey. Omni Admissions also assists students in planning pre-college study abroad experiences and helps student athletes navigate the admissions process


We begin with the understanding and analysis of the student’s path of growth in order to identify interests, potential and opportunities to enrich his or her profile

  • Assessment of academic and extracurricular profile
  • Assessment of preparation for college entrance and language tests
  • Identification of interests and talents

Personalized plan

On the basis of the assessment results, an individualized plan is put in place for each student. From an in-depth analysis of aptitudes and goals to the enrichment of the student’s academic and extracurricular profile, our professional method guides the student in preparing for university and in making the best choices

  • Help in choosing an area of study
  • Definition of academic and test goals
  • Creation and monitoring of a college entrance test preparation plan
  • Creation of a one- or two-year plan for extracurricular activities
  • Assessment of scholarships, financial aid and loans
  • Presentation of a balanced and highly personalized list of universities
  • Organization of any campus visits
  • Management of relationship with the student’s high school (counselors and teachers)
  • Sworn translation of academic transcripts
  • Creation of a resume for each application
  • Coaching on effective personal essays and statements


Our goal during the phase of application submission is to make sure all institutional requirements and online procedures are followed; this is necessary for the applications to be considered

  • Help in application compilation by native speaker advisors
  • Supervision of application submission procedures
  • Coordination and preparation of any interviews


We will help students make the best possible choice, weighing their personal and professional goals as well as the academic, social and cultural characteristics of each university making an offer

  • Analysis of the offers received
  • Help in making the final decision

Pre College

In shaping the student’s journey toward university, Omni Admissions advises on the high school activities that will help enrich his or her resume


Omni Admissions helps students who do competitive sports and who plan to continue their studies and athletic activities abroad, especially in the US

  • Analysis and assessment of athletic achievements
  • Analysis of academic curriculums and the NCAA eligibility requirements
  • NCAA registration
  • Preparation of an athletic resume with achievements and statistics
  • Creation of a list of universities to apply to
  • Identification of coaches and their contact information
  • Supervision of contact with the university
  • Preparation of a video, if applicable
  • Organization of any campus visits